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How it works

SGO has created a community of people who aim to be self-reliant and support women's activities to develop their talents.


Various costs are incurred for general online homepages, course payments, and video production (movie shooting/editing), but SGO can achieve its goals at a surprising cost while providing one-on-one guidance with its unique system. .

SGO provides all women with opportunities to express themselves. Even those who thought that I could not make a video could do it in two months.

In addition to school openings and video transmission activities, you will be able to participate in various events and projects to enrich your life itself.


At the turning point of the era, change is visibly accelerated.
But many people stop there.
I think anxiety and fear make me do that.
But it's times like these that we need to take a step forward.
Because it's overwhelmingly easier to change your life while you're in the middle of a change.


The age of women begins.
SGO (Super Girls Organization) is a community that supports women's independence.

For example, working normally with IT-related systems and tools that are said to be weak,In the era of , remote training is inevitable, and we will develop the power of remote training and video production, and create a style that allows individuals to play an active role.

The fifth goal of SDGs 17 is to “achieve gender equality.”
Together with Supergirls, SGO will deliver the education necessary to improve the status of women around the world from Japan to the world in various aspects such as entertainment, the environment, beauty, and health.

One step for that. The step we take now is for Supergirls to shine.


SGO Holdings LLC CEO Norio Nakamura


This is an introduction to representative sites.


Beginner's Guide!

Joining SGO, where you can make your dreams come true, is free.


Expand your community of women.


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